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Dialysis Catheter Kit Dialysis Catheter Kit

Hemodialysis Catheters ae available in individual packing or as combinations in trays.
Contents of Hemodialysis Catheter Kit :
Hemodialysis Catheter (this is Polyurethane Catheter, Radiopaque, with length makers, color coded safety clamps, luer connection hubs and protective caps)
Scalpel No. 11 Luer Lock syringe , 5MI
Luer Lock Injection Caps. Tissue dialator.
Introducer Needle.
Guide Wire (J Tip) in dispenser, with Protection cap for the Guide wire Tip.

Types of Hemodialysis Catheter :

Straight Catheter Bent Catheter Curved Extension Catheter

Combinations for hemodialysis catheters :
Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Blood tubing set has been specially designed for the patient to connect external system which extracts patient's blood to the dialyzer and then returns patient's blood from the dialyzer.
Consists of two parts - arterial and venous - used during dialysis and attached with fistula and dialyzer.
Unique chambers reduce foaming, increase air removal and do not trap epo compliant material of transducer protectors. This helps in ensuring secure machine fit and less incidence of wet out.
Color coded ergonomic clamps and dialyzer connectors with tethered caps that seal tightly for disposal.
Kink resistant blood tubing handles easily and ensures fast priming.
Can be designed according to requirements.
E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.

Packing : Box of 10 pcs.
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter

Stainless steel trocar is provided with triple angle sharpness to facilitate smooth penetration.
Multihole, open end catheter is manufactured from non-toxic medical grade polyamide.
The trocar and the tip of the catheter is perfectly matched to facilitate trauma free entry.
Latex flash Ball is provided on the junction unit for additional medication.
Complete kit is packed in peelable pouch.
E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.

Packing : Box of 50 pcs.
Peritoneal Dialysis Set Peritoneal Dialysis Set

Y shaped set for administrating dialysis fluid.
Manufactured from non-toxic, medical grade P.V.C. Tube.
E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.

Packing : Box of 25 pcs.
Guide Wire

Stainless spring steel wires.
E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.

Packing : Box of 20 pcs.




Guide Wire


Outer Diameter










0.46 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip






0.53 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip






0.64 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip






0.71 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip






0.81 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip






0.89 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip






0.97 mm


70 cms


Straight / J Tip

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