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Angio Kit Angio Kit

Angiography Kits contains Manifold 3 RN, IV Set Vented + Non Vented, Pressure Monitoring lines 48", High Pressure Tubing 10".
Custom designed kits are available as per requirement.
Selection from wide range of Manifolds, Fluid Delivery Systems, Pressure Monitoring Lines, Syringes, Hemostasis Components, Control Syringes.
Individual components are also available in sterile packaging.
Va r i o u s p a c k a g i n g c o n f i g u r a t i o n a v a i l a b l e ( p o u c h e s , drapes wrap, tray).

Packing : Box of 25 pcs




Manifold 3Core Right Off, Syringe 5 ml-01.
I.V. set Vented-02 Nos, PM Line Clear 150 cm (PT 60). PM Line clear 25 cm (PT 10), Torque device. Hemostasis-Y Large Bore, Needle Blunt-20 Gx10 cm. Syringe 10 ml LL-02 Nos, Syringe 3 ml-01 Nos.
E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.

Packing : Box of 25 pcs


The products is pressure tested and provided with protective caps on the female connections, can be provided in the colour combination of blue, white & red.
The housing of the manifold with 2 way & 3 way stop cock.
The stop cock can be turned by 360 degrees.
E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.
Disposable Manifold with rotating luer lock with 550 psi/1050 psi.

Packing : Box of 25 pcs.

Guide Wire

Text Box:  

 Guide Wire


J/Straight Tip    Teflon spray coated

Stainless spring steel wires   E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free

Sr. No Guide Wire Outer Diameter Length
1 0.018" 0.46 mm 150 cms    Straight / J Tip
2 0.021" 0.53 mm   150 cms    Straight / J Tip
3  0.025"  0.64 mm 150 cms    Straight / J Tip
4 0.028" 0.71 mm 150 cms    Straight / J Tip
5 0.032" 0.81 mm 150 cms    Straight / J Tip
6 0.035"  0.89 mm 150 cms    Straight / J Tip
7 0.038"   0.97 mm 150 cms    Straight / J Tip


Packing : Box of 20 pcs.

Introducer Needle Introducer Needle

Introducer needles are available in different sizes :
18GA, 07CM
19GA, 07CM
20GA, 3.8CM
21GA, 3.8CM
E. T. O. Sterile and pyrogen free.

Packing : Box of 100 pcs.

Introducer Set Introducer Set

Dilator locked clockwise does not move backward and allows easy operation.
Close contact between the tip of sheath and dilator developed through our long term of studies and experience allows safe and smooth insertion into vessel.
Supercath Seldinger Needle is manufactured by one piece molding process developed by us ensures easy guidewire insertion.

Packing : Box of 10 pcs.
Size : Fr 6, 7, 8.

High Pressure Line High Pressure Line

Pressure : 1200 psi.
Available in length of 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 cm.

Packing : Box of 25 pcs.

Control Syringes Control Syringes

Control Syringes
Size : 10, 12, 20ml.


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