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Large Hospital Sterilizers for the CSSD

Sterilization is a complex process. Like any complex process, many things can go wrong. When a Hospital is dependent on their Central Sterilization Supply Division (CSSD), they cannot afford downtime. The functioning of the hospital depends on it. Lives can depend on it. first priority is that our hospital autoclaves work day in and day out 365 days a year.

Not only that they work but that they meet the high volume demand of a hospital efficiently.

Our objectives are the same as our customers objectives, instruments that are 100% sterile with repeatable performance, quick turnaround and minimal product impact.

To do this we incorporate three central values into our products: Quality, Safety and Flexibility


Engineered  with People in Mind


Our quality features enable the convenience and durability needed to operate  an autoclave with complete peace of mind. The fully jacketed chamber is constructed of long lasting 316L grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance. In addition, the generator and piping are constructed of stainless steel. The pneumatic valves are air pressure operated, significantly reducing maintenance. They are safer and more reliable, eliminating the requirement for high voltage. In addition, if no buttons or switches are operated for four hours, the autoclave will switch to standby mode




The control system  is programmed with a total of 12 cycles that  range  in temperature from 105°C -138°C:

• 3 programs for unwrapped instruments

• 4 programs for wrapped instruments and packs

• 3 slow pressure exhaust cycles

• 2 test programs: Bowie & Dick and Vacuum Test.

• If needed the number of cycles can be increased



Control Made Simple


An automated  process control uses the advanced microprocessor control system. Our Cat2007 Control Panel is user- friendly, and consists of a 4 line, 20 Column LCD and a functional touchpad. A self diagnostic system provides messages  and alerts that are displayed in a clear language. Audible alerts are sounded with the messages.  The LCD  display provides constant cycle parameter  readouts  and cycle progress information. The control system is self-diagnostic and provides fault messages  to the operator. Double door autoclaves are provided with a dual built in, full display and enhanced control system on both sides of the autoclave.





The printer provides detailed real time cycle data, as appears on the control panel display and records a detailed history.

Our high quality hospital autoclaves comply with the strictest international  directives and standards.

Our product meets the following Directives and Standards: Medical Devi DirectiveMDD 93/42  EEC  Pressure Equipmen DirectivPED 97/23 EEC, ASME Code Sec. Vand IEC/UL/EN 61010-1, 61010-2-04 and 61010-2-040, EN  61326, EN284, ST-8 EN554, As well as ISO 13485 :2003 for the Quality System




Safety is Our Top Priority Door Safety The autoclave doors are designed with a number of independent mechanical and digital safety features. This guarantees that if a problem should occur, an autoclave failure will be prevented.

• A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when chamber is pressurized

• Steam is not allowed into the chamber when the door or gasket is open

• A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked

• The door cannot unlock until chamber pressure reaches room pressure

• Sliding Doors Safety - The sliding door progress will automatically stop if an obstruction is detected

• Double Door Safety – interlocks prevent both doors from being opened simultaneously


General Safety Features:

 Double Independent Monitoring: The combined digital and mechanical monitoring provides a cross reference and guarantees accurate results. The operator has two independent means to monitor temperature and pressure.

• Safety Valves: Both the chamber and the jacket are equipped with safety valves – if the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge

• Built-in Steam Generator Safety: A water level monitoring system maintains a constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters

• Emergency shut-off: Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate cycle shut-off

A Flexible Range of Sizes and Models

We offer an unmatched range of models that are available in three series: Compact, Mid Range and Large Capacity. The chamber sizes range from 120 to 1015 Liters. In addition, we accommodate for your special needs and design tailor made solutions and non standard chamber sizes. Each model is available with either single or double door.

The 44 and 55 Compact Series

Small  Hospital  Autoclaves  with  chamber volume ranging  is size from 120 Liters to 310 Liters.


The 44 and 55 series is available with two door options:

• Fully automatic vertical sliding door

• Manual door


We offers 5 different models:

Model Chamber Dimensions(WxHxD) mm (inc.) Chamber volume (Liter)




408x408x730 (16x16x29)






408x408x845 (16x16x33)






408x408x970 (16x16x38)






508x508x970 (20x20x38)






508x508x1210 (20x20x48)




Manual Hinged Door


Vertical Sliding Door

The 66 Mid Range Series
Medium Hospital Autoclaves with chamber volume ranging is size from 340 Liters to 600 Liters.
The 66 series is available with two door options:
• Fully automatic vertical sliding door
• Hinged door with automatic locking
We offers 5 different models:

Model Chamber Dimensions(WxHxD) mm (inc.) Chamber volume (Liter)
































Vertical Sliding Door


Automatic Hinged Door


The 69 Large Capacity Series

Large Hospital Autoclaves with chamber volume ranging is size from 515 Liters to 1015 Liters.
The 69 series is available with two door options:
• Fully automatic horizontal sliding door
• Hinged door with automatic locking
We offers 4 different models:

Model Chamber Dimensions(WxHxD) mm (inc.) Chamber volume (Liter)


























Horizontal Sliding Door

Additional Options
Loading Equipment
Our loading equipment assists the loading and unloading process. It is made of high quality, durable stainless steel. We offer two options:

• Pull Out Trays. Stainless steel trays equipped with rails for easy loading and unloading. The rails are designed to prevent the trays from rolling over.

• Loading Carts and Transfer Carriages. The adjustable loading cart rolls from the transfer carriage onto the interior chamber tracks for easy handling of heavy loads. The trolley is equipped with revolving wheels, maximizing mobility in limited space. The wheel breaks prevent the trolleys from rolling and the carriage is equipped with a lock that prevents it from sliding

High Precision Documentation

Cycle documentation is crucial within the CSSD. A cycle that is not properly recorded is not considered done. The modularity and flexibility of our system gives you targeted and customized solutions to track and document the sterilization process.

• Touch Screen
Our touch screen displays all cycle information in both a textual or graphical interface and provides a continuous visual guide. Moreover, it provides a visual display of all piping for monitoring purposes.

• ADMC software
The user can remotely control and manage eight autoclaves using the ADMC software. You can retrieve data, create graphs, tables and print-outs


Chart Recorder
 The Chart Recorder gives clear analog/mechanical trend records and print-outs in color. It is simple to operate and has an easy- view display.

• Data Logger
The data logger is the hospital’s protection, making documentation even more convenient and reliable. It stores over 100,000 hours of cycle data, displayed either graphically or numerically.

• Barcode Reader
The barcode reader allows tracing the material flow in the CSSD by reading the  containers’ barcode identification. The data  is transferred  to  the  ADMC  and  linked to  the  sterilization cycle parameters for streamlined instrument handling.

Additional Options

We offers multiple additions that improve the hospital sterilization procedures, answer unique requirements and ensure a safe and worry free work environment. We offer advanced sterilization cycles for special needs such as a low temperature streaming steam cycle, a disinfection program, an F0 factor or advanced liquid cycles


Our advanced operation features include a multipurpose valve that can function as a backup in case of power failure, or an automatic shutdown or restart feature that economizes on power. Our clean piping features provide a complete solution for the most demanding standards



CSSD Design

 The design of a central sterile supply department requires many considerations: Proper design of areas within the department,  choosing the right equipment and understanding the needs of the OR


The design of a central sterile supply department requires many considerations: Proper design of areas within the department,  choosing the right equipment and understanding the needs of the OR.



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